490 Litre Upright ULT Freezer (double outer door)

Purpose & Summarze

This product is specially designed and manufactured for long time storage of various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leucocytes and cutis.
Applications can be found in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, and research institutes, laboratories in electronic and chemical plants, biological engineering institutes and marine fishery companies.


●New Construction
• Advanced dual outer doors design; one machine but dual doors and dual locks to be used by multi-people; less temperature increasing in the other room when one room is opened; Energy saving and green product
• 4 layers sealing strip applicable to the inner and outer doors to minimize the temperature difference inside and outside the cabinet so as to assure the lowest cooling capacity dropping
• Unique VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) material technology for excellent heat insulation and space saving of the equipment
• Ergonomic design of the handle to combine product safety, easy operation and easy locking together
●High-Efficient Refrigeration System
• Double compressors cascade refrigeration technology, high efficient and reliable
• Global famous brand Danfoss brand powerful refrigeration capability
• High-efficiency refrigeration return system to reach the high-efficient heat exchange, quick temperature cooling and energy saving
• High-end EBM condenser fan
• world-wide leading refrigerants, high-efficient and green
●Precise Temperature Control And Sophisticated Electronics Technology
• Microprocessor control and accurate; adjust the control system automatically by the sense of the ambient temperature and voltage, etc
• LED digital display to clearly show the system status.
• Self-testing and multi-alarm, audible and visible: temperature exceeding the set range, condenser under efficiency, sensor error, power failure, voltage exceeding the range, ambient temperature exceeding the range
• Multi-protection function: password protection; compressor start-up delay protection; voltage protection from too low and too high
• Voltage redeem in case of high and low voltage and broad band voltage, stable and reliable





Net/Gross Weight (Kg)


Shelves/Inner Door


Exterior Dimension (W*D*H)(mm)


Interior Dimension (W*D*H)(mm)


Packing Dimension (W*D*H)(mm)


Container Load (Sets) 20''/40''/40''H