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Videos for Haier products

How to remove a ULT freezer from a pallet - Haier Biomedical

How to clean the condenser filter - Haier Biomedical

How to set the operating temperature - Haier Biomedical

Haier Biomedical ULT Freezer - How to connect a remote alarm

How to set high and low temperature alarm - Haier Biomedical

How to position your Haier Biomedical ULT freezer in your laboratory

How to remove excess ice from the inner doors and gasket - Haier Biomedical

How to remove an inner door from our ULT freezer range - Haier Biomedical

ULT freezer packing dimensions & weight

ULT freezer rack guide


Videos for Binder products:


BINDER C series installation video

Useful Cell Cultivation tips

PDFs for Binder products:

Binder case study - Binder chambers are used in cancer research.pdf
Binder case study - New findings in the field of space biology.pdf
Binder case study - Stem cell research in the fight against disease.pdf
Binder case study - Stem cell research into healing musculoskeletal disorders.pdf
Binder case study - Successful reproduction of human skin cells.pdf
Binder Case Study Herd Breeding.pdf
Binder white paper - C02 Incubators Buyers-Guide.pdf
Binder white paper - Cell Cultivation without Contamination.pdf
Binder white paper - Cell Cultivation.pdf
Binder white paper - Good Laboratory Practice.pdf
Binder white paper - Validation-and-Qualification-in-the-regulated-environment.pdf


Videos for Cell Imagers

All are catalogues are here for your convenience. Just click on the links below to view and download as PDF's.

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Cell Culture Monitoring

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