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-60 Chest pic
-60 Chest sml open
-60W Storage

The series of freezers is designed for storage of tuna, Australian lobster, salmon, south American shrimps, Argentina red shrimp, top quality beef, kanpachi, octopus, yellow tail, bonito fish, grouper, and fugu rubripes. They are popular among professional oceanic fisherman, sea food distributors, specialty sea food stores and sushi restaurants.

-60°C deep freezing freezers quickly freeze sea food products such as tuna fish, Australian lobster, and top quality beef to retain their original taste, struc- ture and freshness.

Super low sound operation: noise cancelling technology yields a sound level of less than 43 dba.

Multiple alarm system includes tempera- ture alarm, and sensor error alarm.

HC refrigerant system is optimized to improve refrigeration efficiency by 30 %, and save energy by about 50%.

-60 Chest Spec Sheet