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DW-30L818 Manual defrost -30 Freezer 800L 2

Micropocessor Control System

 Microprocessor-based temperature control. Large LED displays cabinet temperature with 0.1 C resolutions. The temperature range is-10oC to -30oC.

Cabinet temperature, ambient temperature and voltage are shown on the panel.

Alarm conditions include high and low temperature, sensor error, power failure, and low battery, door ajar and high ambient.

Alarm modes are audible and flashing lights.

Remote alarm termin als are available.

Battery supports display and alarm system for forty eight hours after power outage.


Optional features are IoT module, USB port, and swipe card functions.


70 mm thick insulation.

Optional inner doors for better thermal efficiency.


Two standard portholes allow ease of temperature testing.

Security lock

Padlock is standard. Magnetic lock is optional. Both provide security and independency.

Temperature recorder 

Optional temperature for recording and preservation.


Click here to download brochure: DW-30L818BP