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Cytosmart Lux 2



With the CytoSMART Lux 2 you have a big advantage over your colleagues and competitors. With our cloud-based solution, you have access to the following application anywhere and anytime you need it:

  • Monitor cell division
  • Monitor cell growth and confluence
  • Analyze cell migration and wound healing (scratch assays)
  • Monitoring colony formation
  • Time lapse imaging
  • Study chemotaxis
  • Study cells cultured inside microfluidic devices
  • Study stem cell differentiation
  • Cell culture QC

However, you are not limited to these applications or the image analysis software. All images and movies can be downloaded from the Cloud environment so you can use other (custom) image analysis algorithms if necessary.


Unit dimensions                       133 x 90 x 100 mm (L x W x H)

Weight                                      0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

Optics                                       Brightfield with digital phase contrast

Magnification                            10x fixed objective, digital zoom to 20x

Light source                              LED

Camera                                    5MP CMOS

Image size                                1280 x 720 pixels

Field of view                              2.4 x 1.5 mm

Culture vessels                          Flasks, well plates, petri dishes, slides

Storage                                     50 GB cloud storage (Microsoft Azure cloud)

Operating conditions                 5-40 °C, 20-95% humidity

Warranty                                   1 year parts & labour

Support                                     Via mail and live chat


Click here to download brochure: Lux2 Brochure