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Cytosmart Omni


The smallest automated live-cell imager that fits within any incubator

The all-new CytoSMART Omni is the first affordable automated live cell imager that fits inside a standard cell culture incubator. It can acquire a bright-field scan of any cell culture vessel within minutes and provides almost instant cloud-based image analysis of your cell culture.

The CytoSMART Omni is:

  • Fast - Faster than any automated live-cell imager ever seen
  • Flexible - Any type of transparent culture vessel can be scanned
  • Compact - Fits in any cell culture incubator


Easy access – Anywhere, Anytime.

The images taken with the CytoSMART Omni are analyzed and visualized in the Cloud. After each scan, the results of your experiment are updated so the experiment can be monitored in almost real-time via the Cloud on your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere you like.

Another benefit of cloud-based data storage and analysis is that you can easily share your experiments with your colleagues. Because only one master copy of your experiment data is stored in the Cloud, you always retain tight control over who can access your experiments. Besides, the terabytes of storage space available on the Cloud allow you to store tons of data without any inconvenience of the use of hard drives or USB-drives.



Unit dimensions                         396 x 345 x 171 mm (L x W x H)           

Weight                                      9 kg  

Optics                                       Brightfield with digital phase contrast

Magnification                            10x fixed objective

Light source                              LED

Camera                                    5MP CMOS

Scan area                                 92 x 132 mm

Exported formats                      png, csv

Well plate types                        6-96 well plates

Culture flask types                    T25 – T225 and triple flasks

Other labware                            Anything transparent and lower than 55 mm

Operating environment              5-40 C, 20-95% humidity

Support                                     Via mail and live chat


Click here to download brochure: Omni Brochure